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for using this site to acquire Internet Marketing Skills and

develop your own Internet Marketing Plan.

I have over 300 E-books written by IM professionals in my Reference Library on this site that will be yours to download any time you want, once you become a member. No you don’t need to read them all. They are there by topic for when you need them. There are some skills you need to acquire first, and you progress from there. You do need a plan of approach or you might use up valuable time unnecessarily. Here’s my recommendation.

There are Core Skills that are essential to online marketing. They are Niche research, Keyword selection, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques and Copywriting. Practically everything you do online as a Marketer falls back to one of these Core skills.

There are Secondary Skills that you need as well, like AutoResponders and WebSites. You need to know how to setup and use an AutoResponder, and you need to know how to create and manage a simple WebSite.

Naturally, as the owner of any business you need skills in Organization and Time Management. These skills will keep your head on straight and give you the time you need for the right activities. You can Google these for best practices.

Now, back to our Core Skills.

1) Niche Research Skills are essential to helping you find a market niche to service.

2) Keyword Selection Skills help you to choose the right keywords in order for you to rank high in that niche. Choose the wrong Keywords and it could cost you in a number of ways. First, you’ll be relegated to the bottom of organic searches. Second, when it comes to paid searches it could cost you a bundle or you could be left in the dust by deep pocketed competitors.

3) SEO Skills let you tap into reliable streams of organic traffic, by convincing search engine algorithms to favor your site over your competitors so you will rise higher in page rankings.

4) COPYWRITING Skills will help you convert traffic into sales of those searchers landing on your site.

So start here……………..Niche Research, Keyword Selection, SEO techniques and Copywriting. That way you won’t be tempted to go out and build a big website right away without knowing what to devote the site to or anything else.


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Next you should be focusing on how to get repeat sales. So, if you haven’t heard it before because your relatively new………..then now is the time to hear it….. “The Money Is In The List”.

I can’t be any plainer than that. You need to know about LIST BUILDING . I don’t care how many markets you get into, you need to develop a list for each market you serve, and you do that with an AUTORESPONDER. They help manage your list.

Many marketers measure their lists by value/customer/month. That means after all the E-mails sent out in a given month, some will buy and some won’t. However, when all is said and done they expect to get at least an average of $1 per month from each customer on their list. So a list of 10,000 customers should be worth $10,000 a month, and a list of 2,000 customers sould be worth $2,000 a month.

How you choose to integrate your lists is extremely important. Why, because you want the customers in any one list to be of a like mind in terms of needs and products to satisfy those needs. Why would you want to mix the needs of health customers with needs of people wanting to train their dog. You’d always be wasting half of your e-mailing efforts. And so one last time, you need a separate list for each market. That will actually make them more valuable.

Learn about AFFILIATE MARKETING next because that is what you are becoming. So that you have a point of comparison, an Affiliate Marketer is like an Independant Rep in the Brick and Mortar world. Then learn about AFFILIATE PROGRAMS, how you become an Affiliate, and how to market affiliate products.

Then, learn about WEBSITES and develop your WEBSITE BUILDING SKILLS. Why, because you’ve learned a lot about Niche Markets, Keyword Research, SEO Techniques, Copywriting, List Building, AutoResponders, and Affiliate Marketing. It’s time to start drawing that together through developing your first WebSite. You don’t need to develop a huge web site. Start with a site that promotes just one well thought out product to one drilled down niche with great copywriting, excellent SEO, keywords you can dominate, and builds a list of prospects for that niche. If nothing else, make it your Sales Landing Page and Opt-In Page for an Affiliate product. I personally recommend you create a WordPress website. Once you visit WEBSITE BUILDING you’ll understand why.

The last major skill you need to acquire is TRAFFIC GENERATION. Why, because you need to drive visitors to your website. Otherwise it’s like painting a beautiful picture and keeping it in a closet. You can’t speak of Traffic Generation without speaking of SEO. They are forever linked. And with your Copywriting Skills you’ll convert Traffic into sales and customers. There are many ways to drive TRAFFIC to your site. Learn them well.

While all this is going on you need to be paying attention to two things in the back of your mind.

First………….look for commonalities. These commonalities will begin to reinforce an Internet Marketing approach in your mind. These commonalities will help you formulate your ultimate approach to Internet Marketing.

For example….how many times do you need to see Internet Marketing Pros writing about the importance of BRANDING YOURSELF before you decide it’s an important issue critical to your success and needs more investigation.

Second…….look for differences. Make a note of the differences and investigate them right here on this site. Why? Because the differences may make your ultimate plan more successful……or not. Here’s a concept difference. Most Internet Marketers promote and sell someone elses products. They are Affiliate Marketers. What would it take for you to Create and Launch your own product ? Is that a wild idea for you or a desired future position for you ?

Okay, that’s about the simplest approach I can offer you to prevent your getting bogged down with information overload. Do you have to do it this way? Heck no…….there are other approaches……but I like this one.

And remember, you do have a huge advantage. You will have acquired internet marketing knowledge and skills without having to go through all the Google searching, opt-ins, double opt-ins, needless receiving of E-mails you don’t want, and all the time waiting and wasted in between.

All you had to do was stay on the IMassistance Website……..Learn……..and put your newly acquired knowledge and skills into practice.

Finally, whenever you return to IMassistance all you need to do is Login as a Silver Member and all information is always available to you. You’re now ready to jump start your learning experience.

I know you’ve been asking “why is this FREE ?”. The answer is simple!

With easily accessible information more people with a burning desire to create a better life for themselves and their family will be in a much better position to make that a reality. It doesn’t get any simpler. It’s my give back to the Internet Marketing profession.

If you haven’t become a member yet………………..what are you waiting for? Time waits for no one.

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Happy learning and don’t forget to check my Blog for news and watch your e-mail for tips from me.

Yours in interweb business, friendship and service,

Tom Ryan


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