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Welcome to Internet Marketing Assistance

(IMassistance). I’m Tom Ryan.

This site is dedicated to Internet Marketing Assistance and Help; the kind of IM Help that will save you time, money, and headaches while you Learn Internet Marketing and Acquire Internet Marketing Skills. This is possible because so much research has been done for you.

You need to devote time to develop a comfort level with an Internet Marketing topic, acquire the skill and put it into action. As this happens you’ll find yourself developing a natural understanding and feeling for where your plan should head. Better still, you will be growing in confidence.

And No, it doesn’t mean you need to read all the Internet Marketing Assistance E-books in the Reference Library. They are there by topic for when you need them. Some skills you need to acquire first and other skills you need to acquire second. It’s all spelled out in the strategy. Click here to visit the YOUR STRATEGY page.

Once you have a good base of knowledge and a skill set you’ll begin to understand the best future direction for your own plan. Then it’s time to decide if you need to invest in a specific course on just one internet marketing topic promoted by a Guru. Even then, you’ll always be welcome here.

Make no mistake about it, there is no instant gratification pill that will make you an overnight success in Internet Marketing. Yes I know, there are exceptions but they are not the rule. The good news is this is not rocket science. Internet Marketing like most things can be learned; and anything worth learning is worth learning well.

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I entered the world of Internet Marketing for several reasons. First, it is the future. It is our future…yours and mine. Traditional businesses are receeding each year and internet sales continue to rise despite the economy. Second, the internet lends itself to passive income streams and therefore provides all of us with one very important element…………..the opportunity for more free time.

From a personal point of view, I require free time for my hobbies and passions; and Internet Marketing allows me the freedom to explore other passions like providing mobility to those who have none. Did you know that there are over 100 million people in developing countries that have no mobility and can’t afford a wheelchair.

Several years ago my wife and I took several hundred people with us to the mountains of western Mexico and delivered 560 wheelchairs to 9 remote villages. It is quite a moving experience to pick up a broken body, place it in a wheelchair and watch the joyous reactions. You can’t buy that kind of feel good. One elderly man who hadn’t walked in over 60 years told my wife she was his Texas angel because with his wheelchair he could now go to work and help support his family. That man was 103 years old.

If you know someone in a wheelchair you know it costs over $500 to purchase just a basic wheelchair. However, through organizations like the American Wheelchair Mission and my good friend Chris Lewis, wheelchairs are purchased in bulk container loads (110 or 280 to a container) and the individual cost is only $150 for a brand new wheelchair made by a factory that also builds racing bikes.

Anyone can donate a wheelchair. For your $150 donation you will receive a Certificate Folder with a photo of a wheelchair recipient and certificate of thanks made out to you or a special person in your life. If there’s someone in your life that you just can’t find a gift for, why not give a wheelchair in their name. You can make a Wheelchair Donation by clicking this link.

The other area we devote our free time to is Rotary International. I was honored to be chosen as District Governor for the North Texas District during the fiscal year 2005-2006. Rotary continues to be a force in our life as we devote our time to children’s projects like our Adoption Awareness Carnival that we put on each year in partnership with Texas CPS and the Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption.

I also believe the world needs more and better leaders so I conduct three to four Leadership Development weekends annually in the development of new Rotary leaders. I don’t do this alone. I have 23 talented volunteer facilitators that help participants develop the skills necessary to be better leaders in their family, volunteer and work lives.

So you see, I need more free time. Internet Marketing is how I accomplish that.

What’s your reason for wanting to be an Internet Marketer? If you don’t know you need to figure it out. It’s that important.

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Yours in interweb business, friendship, and service,

Tom Ryan




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